Over 75% of Instagram users are under the age of 34!  Does your ideal client fall into this category?

Take time to consider your average Instagram user and make sure you follow the below:

• Use simple images
• Ask for comments to promote engagement
• Post at least 5 times a week
• Include your website in your bio

Ideas to post

“Answer me this” images
This will promote engagement with your followers. Also ensure you don’t post questions in your text; you’d be taking a big risk that your followers will stop to read it, more often than not they will just scroll through the images.
Visual images – A versus B
Again by posting a split picture asking your followers what is their favourite or we can’t decide, what do you think? You’re promoting engagement as well using it as a method of getting feedback on existing and new products and logo’s etc. Make your followers feel valued and ensure you reply to any comments they may have made.
Live Posts
For Many businesses posting at a live event usually means a picture of the team in front of a stand. Even though this shows the human side behind the business, be sure to post a variety of different pictures. Also show your employees at work, this not only gives a behind-the-scenes view of your company, it’s also a way to celebrate staff and show them how much they’re valued.
Hashtags #
Using hashtags can give your business a boost but only if used correctly. Don’t create your own specific hashtags as people won’t be searching for those. Instead think of what your target audience might be looking for. Use a hashtag for each element you come up with or look to see what Hashtags your competitors are already using.  Keep a record of those that you use which get the most likes and comments, by keeping a mobile list of your top hashtags you can then simply copy and paste them each time you post to save time.
Don’t forget to sell on Instagram. Post product shots and kindly remind your followers you have stuff to sell. Make a sale advert in your photo; again don’t put the caption in your comments otherwise people may have already scrolled past it. Or if someone has taken a fabulous photo of your product, ask them permission to post it and tag them into the post too.
The Fun Times
While running a business requires dedication, sweat and sometimes tears. Instagram is perfect for showing the fun times you have in office or when you’re out and. Sharing these types of images with followers speaks volumes.
All work and no play will make your brand a dull company on Instagram. Integrate images that show your human side to create stronger connections with your followers.
Time Saving Tips
To be a business focused Instagrammer, it’s all about having a great strategy and great time management. Plan your content ahead of time and take either a few minutes each day to think of something clever, then create the post and publish or it take less time overall to plan out a week’s worth of posts by using an Instagram scheduling tool.  Also set up a folder in your photos which holds those great pictures that you would like to use on Instagram so they are easy to find.

Finally ensure you review your analytics on a weekly and monthly basis and take note of trends that you can then learn from. What were the hashtags, day, time of posts and photos you got the most likes from?
Just remember to engage with your followers.

Here at Thrive Studios we very much encourage your brand to look the part through all your social media.

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