One of our specialisms at Thrive Studios is brand development we particularly love working in the area of ‘public awareness’. There are many different topics that need to grab peoples attention for the ‘greater good’ this is not always to promote and sell a product, but to promote a good cause. Raising awareness and alerting the general public that a certain issue exists is something we feel strongly about.

We recently worked to launch a fantastic new product called FLEXiPODZ and are in talks to work on further ‘public awareness’ products and campaigns with other brands and ethical organizations. FLEXiPODZ is one product that we have been very happy to work with recently as it has been developed to help with the very big concern of helping to reduce ‘bee depletion’. In Europe alone, the growth of over 4,000 vegetables depends on the essential work of pollinators. But currently, more and more bees are dying.

We devised a campaign that not only explained the product which are flexible modular home garden podz but also made it evident to the market that these podz are there for a good purpose with the strap line FLEXiPODZ ‘for the way you want to bee’.

The campaign shows how the modular podz can encourage human, plant and insect life with the headline ‘Bring life to your garden’ as the podz actually have panels where planting can be added. The podz therefore are not only beautiful and have extra planting opportunities, they can also encourage insect life to prosper and obviously as garden home buildings they also encourage people to use the garden in various other ways. The headline developed ‘Bring life to your garden’ works on many levels and the campaign works across social media, gives a strong headline to use across all launch communication advertising and PR.

Other causes we have helped to date include:
• Educating families about beach and sun safety awareness
• Recruiting social workers to help ethnic minorities to seek help and have a voice
• Educating the public and businesses on how to be water efficient
• Educating the public on staying hydrated and the alternatives to drinking caffeine
• Education children about ecology and farming

It’s always great to work on a good cause… because we really do care.

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