Every business is able to create a video to promote themselves; and with over 60% of businesses already doing so the trend is really catching on.  It really is worth considering, not only because everyone else is doing it but because video is the most versatile marketing tool available and nothing beats a creative video to capture your audience’s attention.  It also creates trust in your brand by showing your personality and helping you build a relationship with your audience.

Whether you’re selling a product or a service a video can visually explain and demonstrate everything about you in a very short space of time.  Even if you have something difficult or boring to show there is always animation which can bring any concept to life.

A video engages the watcher like no amount of text would.  Life is busy and people don’t have the time to read through lots of product or service information or navigate their way around pages of site content.  Therefore a quick click of the play button is an easy way to capture their attention as well as retaining the people who might have bypassed your site. However keep videos short to ensure you keep you viewers captivated and coming back for more watches.

Another great advantage of having a video is that what you create will last for years and will gain more exposure with time; as opposed to other marketing methods which are only relevant at the time and therefore short lived. So therefore it must be of good quality and represent your brand well.

Since Google now owns YouTube, there is a real link to how sites with videos play a big part of your search engine ranking.  Videos increase the time visitors stay on your site and therefore signals to search engines that your site has good content and thus making your business more noticeable.

People view YouTube over four billion times every day and therefore businesses like yourselves can and have taken advantage of reaching this huge audience to promote their services.  So with many businesses now using video to market their business it has been proven to be 5 times better in reaching new clients as opposed to traditional ways as your audience will remember what they saw and heard unlike other marketing methods.  YouTube is a proven powerful online marketing tool and when used correctly can help you establish a following and content that can greatly benefit your brand.

Here at Thrive Studios we work closely with Helen Pritchard of Orchid Digital a local, friendly and reliable video production company. We have worked together on a variety of different projects, so if you are looking for a short and engaging way to attract customers both existing and new both Thrive Studios and Orchid Digital working together enables you to tell that story. We can help you with the initial ideas and concept of what your video should look like, through to getting it onto your website. Take a look at the SPRA Training Video a client who we work with together. For more information have a look at Helen’s website or contact us directly at hello@www.thrivestudios.co.uk to talk through your ideas.

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