It is so important to look at what you have achieved over the last year and evaluate your success and also look at things that haven’t gone to plan. When you run a business you never have time to reflect at what has happened over the year, the everyday running of the business takes over. But it is good to look back at all the things you have been up to and what has happened. I know when we reflected at what had happened over 2016, we were really pleased, we had overcome huge milestones, development and growth.

At the beginning of 2016 we sat down as a team and put a goal plan together, what we wanted to achieve for the business and where we would be by the end of the year. This week we looked at the list we made and reviewed. We didn’t achieve everything on the list but we were surprised how many we did. We celebrated our successes, learned from those things that didn’t go quite to plan and started to look at what we want to achieve in the 2017.

We’ve put together a FREE document for you to review and evaluate 2016 and set your goals for the new year. What are you most proud of this year? Go on, celebrate your successes, it’s something we don’t do enough of. You’ve probably achieve so much that you have forgotten about.reviewandgoals16-17

If you really are serious about your business then your should go into this process a lot deeper – looking at your finances, what was your budgets and did you keep to them. Turnover, Profit, evaluate all your touchpoint in detail and analysis every stage. The attached document is just a starting point to give you an idea and start you off looking at your business and of course be excited about 2017 and setting your new goals

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