Fruitful approached Thrive Studios in 2014 to update their logo, to build a recognised brand, and to develop a design for their newsletter that was quirky, friendly but informative which would be published quarterly. Each newsletter booklet would incorporate a seasonal fruit on the cover (to keep with the fruit theme) and a couple of gifts would also be sent out with the newsletter – yes this would be a printed document, posted to existing and potential clients and not emailed as a pdf. The first newsletter went out with a lip balm and a teabag, which went down a storm with the clients. This would be followed up with an email newsletter, building a regular communication strategy with telephone follow-ups too. So that Fruitful came across as very professional (which they are), organised and efficient.

We firstly started with the rebrand. There would be three different parts to the Fruitful business, Fruitful events, Fruitful rewards and Fruitful style. Each sector would be developed in their own right and own personality,

Events would be all about corporate, conference and training, whether it was team building, an annual conference, corporate golf days, this would all be placed under this hat.

Rewards was all about rewarding staff within a company. Goal posters, thank you cards and a letter were all developed to enhance the message.

And Style which was all about parties, weddings and personal events. The strategy for this sector would be very different to the other two as this would be much more personal especially for the wedding market.

The newsletters were designed for the events side of the business. As the company was run from a shed in the garden an illustration was design to represent the potting shed, therefore keeping the theme of growing a fruitful business. The team were introduced in the lst edition of the booklet each explaining what their roles were and what their favourite fruit was, then we arranged for their photographs to be taken and then super exposed their favourite fruit into the image. (see below).

 In two years Fruitful have grown and now are part of another company who have clients such as BP, Fatface, White Stuff and Mothercare. Fruitful’s brand has slightly changed with their logo being rebranded again to match with the company they merged with. It has been lovely to be part of the journey and we look forward to watch them thrive.

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