Thrive was asked to step in to help with the branding of a community campaign for Fleet Business Improvement District (BID). A new business led and funded initiative helping and promoted by the government, to help towns to promote themselves and their businesses and having the strength of a united voice for town businesses, so that it will encourage people to visit and invest in the town. The design they had done originally was very corporate and reflected the involvement of the town council which wasn’t the case. This was run by the business people themselves, so needed to stand out as something different.

All local businesses within a designated area would vote in March to be part of the BID. Lisa, our director was asked to be an ambassador and be part of the committee (which was voluntary) to an area that covered a number of business (Lisa didn’t get involved in the retail side just B2C businesses) which included CV-Library and Conair. This BID was for all businesses retail, leisure, B2B and B2Cso so a high percentage had to vote YES for the BID to be passed. So the ambassadors had to explain the pros of voting YES.

The other side of the BID was to insure a better security system for retailers, pubs and restaurants called Fleet Watch – where business owners could have access to digital radios and local crime website to help them identify criminals within the area. We were asked to design a logo which had to incorporate the Hampshire Constabulary logo, this would appear on literature and as stickers on premises windows.

Emma Molyneux, The Chair of The Fleet Business Forum said:

“Lisa and her team understood our brief so well and produced the work at record speed as things happened really quickly. Thrive Studios customer Service was second to none, with them pulling out all the stops. Lisa was a great ambassador and really helped to pull the businesses together, explaining what the BID was about and how it could benefit business owners working with B2C accounts and not just retailers.”

The good news is that the business voted YES to the BID, so watch this space to see how Fleet will grow and hopefully THRIVE!