Flexipodz is a new product that is the brain child of Lewis Visuals an architect firm, who we have been working with for the last 4 years. Genevieve the founder wanted to work with us on this new product, a iconic nature inspired outdoor, modular living spaces that was designed with the exciting idea that they could actually help nature in your garden by adding planting to encourage bees and help to combat bee depletion. Therefore having an eco-friendly stance and using sustainable products. The idea of being inspired from nature and for nature is also shown in their adoption of giving back a percentage of profits to conservation projects. Thrive were asked to brand the product and build a brand strategy behind the product launch, which included a website and campaign concepts.

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“Thrive Studios have been involved with Lewis Visuals from nearly the start of the business from designing our logo to literature. So we didn’t think twice about bringing them on board for the branding for the launch of our new adventure and they didn’t disappoint.”
Genevieve Wells