Christmas is a great time to engage with your clients across all your social media platforms; and when done well you can open all sorts of new windows of opportunity.

To ensure you get the best form the Christmas window be sure to maximize the awareness of your brand through your social media platforms.


  • Keep your posts relevant.  People are naturally curious and therefore if you can build this into your social media you’ll be on a winning streak.
  • Make sure your images are classy and quirky at the same time in order to grab their attention.
  • Your profile and cover pictures should reflect your brand but could also reflect Christmas too.


Get into the festive spirit with a competition whereby users have to participate in a game resulting in winning prizes or just chances of giveaways. This type of campaign is so engaging that you are drawn into participating regardless of whether you’re interested in the prize or not.  Everyone loves tips and advice, so share something interesting to help people celebrate and get the most from the festive season.

Get creative with Photoshop and get lots of likes and shares by adding Christmas items especially food into your posts.  Everybody loves animals too so use them where you can.

If you partake in Christmas Jumper day at work be sure to show it off and wear it and share it with pride! Equally if you are lucky enough to receive a gift from one of your clients or customers, let people know and thank them publicly.  Chances are they may share it and your online presence will grow further.

Always ensure you monitor the success of your social media activities to help develop future activities and reply to comments made.

Adding personality in your marketing makes it really easy for people to like you or not.  Social Media is not always easy but whatever your approach is this Christmas, be sure to share it with all your social media platforms. We can help create a marketing campaign for your company. Contact us today to find out more about our digital marketing services.

This year we are running a competition through our social media platforms whereby we will be posting a picture of us wearing our Christmas jumpers and glasses and will be challenging all our followers to post the same.  We will then enter all posts into a hat and the winner will receive 500 branded postcards of their company.  Look out for our post which will be coming soon.



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