Thrive Studios are passionate about brand development and often get asked to work on advertising campaigns. There are many different reasons why a company or product wants to task us with advertising and this is what we call the campaign ‘Objective.’
This can be for example:
• To inform people about a product
• Convince them to buy a product
• Make a product available to customers

Once we have this ‘objective’ in mind, we can look at what the promise of the advertising piece is, that is, what the key message is that is to be portrayed. Often this needs research into competitors to set the product apart and seek what USP’s it has. Once the key message is decided upon we use this and write a concise ‘proposition’ to work from.

This is where the fun really begins and where you see the movies depicting ad men and women sitting about thinking up ideas. Yes, we really do sit there with marker pens and paper and have ‘brainstorms’ on how to create stunning eye catching advertising campaigns, which portray the proposition and fulfill the objective. We work in teams with copywriters and bounce ideas off each other, we look at different art direction/style themes and make sure these all work with the branding.

One way to present advertising campaigns to clients is to present the rough ideas or ‘scamps’, which we begin with. This way we can involve the client from the very beginning of the process. The other idea is to ‘work-up’ the creative further and show an ‘adcept’. This is usually an A4 concept which is neither size or media specific.

Budget also comes into play a lot with advertising. There are 2 different cost factors.
Cost 1: what is the budget for the ‘creation’ of the piece or pieces? (if more that one advert in the campaign, often advertising can be a series of adverts).
Cost 2: what is the ‘media spend likely to be? Is it online advertising, TV advertising or press advertising or a complete ‘through-the-line’ campaign looking at many different on and off line channels.

Media buying is a very interesting subject in itself (and a blog to come in future) and also can be integrated into the campaign idea (e.g around particular events, such as Robinsons advertises everywhere around its sponsorship of Wimbledon tennis championships).

Advertising is a fantastic way to get your product seen, it also gives creative’s here at Thrive Studios a challenge to see how we can promote your business in all sorts of interesting ways and persuade the audiences that they should hear about your product or service. Once we have a good idea, it can often be extended across many pieces of media, communication and channels, the powers of persuasion can be endless!

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