Thrive have worked with a number of Holistic businesses over the last few years and they tend to face unique challenges. There are other, more difficult issues that their services face, such as it is a competitive market, they cannot claim to help or cure any issues such as eczema, IBS etc. So their copy has to be written in a certain way, this is where a copywriter is perfect to hire for your website and literature. Select those qualities that are special, unique and better than anything else out there in your copy. There should be rational, logical reasons that clients buy from you, as well as emotional ones.


A brand is the promise of value and unique benefits you make to your intended audience about the experience they will have with your product or services. What value do you bring to your clients? Remember that a brand is not a logo, a colour scheme, a tagline, a brand is the thoughts, feelings and expectations in the minds of your intended clients. It’s a promise, the one they believe you fulfill. As you develop your brand, be consistent in the way you communicate it, use the same tone of voice, the same message.

Your brand should be consistent from the appearance of your office or clinic and your marketing materials (and you, by the way, how you present yourself), to the price you charge and the events you participate in. It’s making sure that everything representing your business is always a positive experience.


Think of yourself as the client, what would you look for if you were looking for a reflexologist or a sports massage. What can you learn from your competitors communication methods? Look at the imagery, tone and style. Are they heavy on information or more about using images to get the attention of their audience? Why would you pick one reflexologist against another from the details on their website?


A good way to stand out from the crowd at any event is as a featured speaker. It’s always good for business to be perceived as an expert in what you do, and what better way to do that than to stand up and demonstrate your service you specialise in? Find places where you can get the attention of your prospective clients, and educate them about what you do and why they need it. These could be at health fares or even your local library or church.

Growing a business takes time and persistence. Some days it will seem like no one wants what you offer but don’t give up, if you provide an excellent service, your name will spread and clients will start ringing. Don’t forget Social Media is a fantastic place to start getting your name out there especially locally.

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