Thrive Studios have worked with a number of child related businesses over the years, helping to create fun identities and marketing campaigns.  From a children’s clothing retail business to children’s party and entertainment companies. 

With parents spending an average of £191 on their child’s party, themed party businesses are a popular venture for entrepreneurs. It is a fiercely competitive industry, and success for home-based children’s party business owners rests with being both unique and up to speed with current party trends, which can change very quickly. No matter what your background, skills or interests might be, a solid understanding of the kids’ industry is crucial before you decide where your own special niche might lie. There’s no shortage of potential customers in this industry and with parents and grandparents spending more on their children than ever before, this can be a lucrative business to be in. But be warned if you don’t provide a good service then it will be plastered all over social media.

There are many ways to entertain children, building up a niche with the under ten’s can be a great way to supplement your income or build a solid business. But working with children is not an easy gig, you have to entertain the children and impress the parents too! (don’t forget parents talk and they are the ones who will be hiring you). If children don’t like something they will get up and walk away or be disruptive, so you need to hold their attention. Our clients will tell you this is a tough business to be in but very rewarding and they love what they do.

Buttons Children’s Parties and Act One Adventurers are both established companies, Ellie and Joanne are both good business women and while most of their businesses are in children’s parties, they also both run day camps, after school clubs and take part in local community events, such as food festivals and fairs. This community based exposure can be an excellent source of publicity as well as word of mouth.

Joanne says, “If you are having a good time, chances are your audience is too. Keep it fun and fresh by modifying your act and adding new material.”

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