A BIG part of branding is defining your brands ‘personality’, essentially what sort of person is your brand? When defining the type of personality your brand is, we look at how you connect with your audience with visuals (art direction) and words (tone of voice).

Your ‘tone of voice’ requires careful decisions based on your core business values and personality traits. The first thing we look at is the ‘tonal value’, with this statement about your brand: ‘When you write or speak, you want to sound x’.

Tonal Values help you to come up with the words that best suit your brand and often there are ‘groups’ of words that work well but have the same ‘tone.’ Some examples of tonal values (and clusters of these) are below:

• Direct / Straightforward / Transparent
– Brands often want to portray these values to their audience as want their interactions with you to be simple and low-effort.

• Positive / Can-do
– Brands like to show that they prioritise service, resolving problems and focusing on solutions.

• Innovative / Forward Thinking
– Brands sometimes like to show that they are cutting edge and at the front of their sector offering.

These tonal value words are a way of giving writers ideas about how to approach your brands messaging and ‘Voice’. Writers also then look at the brands ‘Story’, using their USP and Proposition. These together help to create your brand words and a way of talking to your audience and create the impact that is needed to show your brands personality. With formulating words and ‘tone of voice’ for your brand the formula we use is: STORY + VOICE = IMACT.

At Thrive Studios we also portray your brand through the art direction/visual style of your personality and make sure that your personality is as strong as it can be through the visuals that are used as well as the words. We very much encourage your brand to look the part and very much to talk in ‘that tone of voice.’

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