What We Do

We are Thrive Studios, a professional brand and communications agency based in Surrey & Hampshire. We are in the business of providing branding, graphic design and marketing services to help you stand out from everyone else and perform better. By creating want and desire for your products and services, we can help you entice new customers and delight existing customers.


Your brand is one of your greatest assets. It’s not just your logo, slogan and design scheme, but your customers’ total experience of your business. Your brand is in your customer promise, your business values, your personality and the way you talk to your customers. It’s in the way you package your service and communicate. Your brand strategy is how, what, where, when and to whom you plan on communicating and delivering your brand message. At Thrive Studios we create and manage your brand creating a unique experience, helping you develop a brand proposition that really engages with your target audience, nurturing customer relationships and creating brand loyalty, that help grow your business and thrive to the next level and beyond. We create new brands, rejuvenate and simplify brands making clients easier to understand and buy from you. That’s why at Thrive Studios your brand dictates everything we do.

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It is the experience people have about you before they do business with you
and the experiences they have when they do, that form your brand reputation.


Every client is different, every brand is different, so we believe every design approach should be different too. Our approach to graphic design is to find ways to communicate the client’s message clearly, imaginatively, effectively and passionately, in a way that your customers will find engaging and compelling. Our reputation has been built on listening to our clients, creativity, shaping brand identity, logo design, retail branding and interiors, literature, exhibitions, promotions and packaging. Within print and digital we can help you with all aspects of your design needs. Whether it’s for a start-up venture or a established company the fact remains: Good design is a good Investment so get in touch to see how we can help you thrive.

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Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Steve Jobs


From website design to small micro sites, full ecommerce solutions and administration, we make sure that each and every project we work on receives the care and attention it deserves. Your site is now expected to work perfectly across multiple different screen sizes and resolutions through tablets and mobile phones. Our specialist team can also help you utilize multiple disciplines, such as animation, infographics, human-computer interaction, interaction design, marketing, photography, search engine optimisation (SEO), copywriting and typography. We always factor in user experience, usability, accessability and SEO to ensure our designs deliver where they need to, as well as looking stylish!

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94% of people cited web design as the reason they mistrusted or rejected a business.
A good quality website is a 24/7 sales tool for your business.


By helping our clients realise their true objectives, we build effective communications material that make a bigger market impact and get your company where you want it to be, fast. We distill complex ideas down to their core and create an emotional connection through memorable visuals and unique storytelling through marketing strategy, campaigns and PR.  We have experts available for your social media needs. Did you know that in the UK the average time spent using social media per person is 14 minutes per hour, so you have to make sure that your company is out there. We can help you with your blogs, copywriting and all your marketing needs. We help companies and individuals build a future.

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52% of businesses have no documented marketing strategy.
The use of correct targeting methods can increase conversion rates by up to 300%.

Our Design Process

Our design process works on 6 principles


Effective communication begins with understanding, so we find out all about your business, finding out what your brand’s about, what challenges you’re up against and what success looks like to you.


Every project is thoroughly researched, including target audience, competitors, market trends and best use of technology. We involve you every step of the way, listening constantly.


We develop your brief, experiment with colours, typefaces and ensure the solution fits. Our careful attention to detail ensures the final product, whether its print or digital, is something you’ll take pride in when you launch it to your customers.


It’s our job to challenge the idea at every stage to ensure it works effectively. Meeting your needs and unlocking your businesses full potential, so we test it and test it again to get the results.


Then its time to present the designs and concepts, making certain that you the client are happy with all aspects.


On time and on budget. Then its time to show case your designs to the world and the work really begins to build your BRAND.