Great Brand Strategy always delivers the best results, bringing an emotional connection and knowledge to your ideal audience, which brings loyalty and growth.

For over a decade, Thrive Studios have been passionate about empowering purpose driven individuals, companies and brands to achieve their ambitions. Our experience has taught us that collaboration is the key to unlocking extraordinary work. That’s why we’re committed to working hand-in-hand with your existing team or serving as your brand / marketing team, bringing our pro-active, inquisitive, and refreshingly plain talking approach to the table. We care deeply about your success and always have your best interests at heart. we ignite fires within individuals, fuelling their dreams and aspirations. We believe in creating brands that have a lasting impact, ones that inspire, empower and not just shape brands for today; but shape them for the future.

Thrive Studios is a full-service brand agency here to ignite your ideas and convert them into impactful conversations. From concept to execution, we’re with you every step of the way. We understand your journey and share your passion for success. Let’s create a brand that stands out, resonates, and delivers an exceptional customer experience, building a consistent sales pipeline effortlessly.

Good design is a business investment, not a
creative indulgence. It engages audiences.
Builds relationships. Strengthens brands.
And ultimately more than pays for itself.

Lisa Clunie



Lisa has been in branding, starting with her degree in graphic design and has continued for all of her working life. She has lived and breathes the creative world, and is as passionate today as she was 30 years ago. As her career developed, she has become more involved in brand strategy, especially the psychology behind it. Why do people react to brands and why to individuals. Whether that is in the workplace or as a sole business owner. She started Thrive studios in 2012 after working with international companies, including Shell, BP, advertising agencies in London to name a few. 90% of the business has come from happy people, spreading the word about Thrive Studios and many of her clients have been with her from the start. Lisa’s values are at the core of the business, positivity, forward thinking and she always wants her clients to succeed, with clear purpose and messaging. To transform your brand from ordinary to extraordinary with purpose, power and personality.