We were approached by a couple who are real entrepreneurs with a number of businesses.Over the years they have built up a portfolio of properties that they let and other businesses that they work in. As keen Nordic Walkers they loved exploring the UK countryside but they soon realised how expensive and the variable quality of bed & breakfast that were out there.  And good ones always seemed to be miles away from where they wanted to be. So they decided to rent a motorhome – where they had the freedom to go where they wanted and could cook when they wanted and not having to pack and unpack with every destination.

So they decided to invest in 2 motorhomes – as they say a ‘small apartment on wheels’ and Motorhome Heaven was born. They came to Thrive Studios as we had worked with them before on a number of collaborations. We asked them loads of questions of who they were targeting, the type of clients they wanted to have and the image they wanted to portray. After lots of listening and researching their competitors, we realised that there was a huge market out there that hadn’t been marketed to. The motorhome boutique look and feel was not promoted within this market – its was huge in cottages, bed & breakfast, hotels and even camper vans but nothing in the motorhome world.

So we started with the logo and the feel we wanted for Motorhome Heaven and building a personality and story around the company. Naming the motorhomes to give them their own personality too.

We also looked at websites for them, designing it for their target market with fresh images and photographs. Many sites were boring with no personality and not very inviting. We advised them to go for a responsive wordpress site so that they could update it easily.

Maureen and Allen have huge plans for this company with i-pads and children packs and games, recipes and landmarks to visit and stopping destinations, that’s why we suggested the strapline “Going the extra mile” as this is what they intend to do. We wish them every luck and can’t wait to work with them again developing this exciting business. This is what Maureen said about working with us on this project.

“I just wanted to say personally from me how thrilled I am with the work you have done for us. Also thank you for the speed with which you completed the work – it was most appreciated” Maureen Ruddock

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